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High Performance Garage Flooring


RaceDeck is engineered to turn your garage into a showplace, while withstanding even the toughest garage environments. Transform your garage in hours, not days, with RaceDeck’s patented garage tile system, which requires no tools for installation, and leaves the mess and toxic fumes of epoxy in the past.

RaceDeck offers garage flooring for all your needs, with classic designs like Diamond® and CircleTrac® which showcase your space in timeless style, while cutting edge products like TuffShield® and Free-Flow® create custom high-tech looks. Choose from our 10 styles and 14 colors or opt for custom colors, logos, and designs to create the garage you’ve always wanted. 

PowerLock Technology


Our patented interlocking system is the culmination of nearly 40 years of engineering and manufacturing premium modular flooring.


4 PowerLocks per side on all 4 sides of each module is the magic combination for ease of installation, durability, thermal expansion.


Multi-patented Step-N-Snap design makes for no tools, no glues, and no toxic fumes


16 patented PowerLocks per module become part of the Superstructure when engaged

Diamond  Superstrucure

Complete Structure

Functions as one complete sub-structure, making the system perfect for applications with temperature swings

Hugely Strong

Easily supports tool chests, 4 post lifts, and other garage rolling equipment


Fully channeled to allow air and moisture to escape, eliminating odor causing mold and mildew

Weight Bearing

Supports rolling loads of over 80,000 pounds

Racedeck  is tough

Chemical Resistant

Resistant to most all household chemicals, petroleum products and is 100% waterproof

Damage Resistant

Will not stain, peel or chip

Keep it clean

Easy to clean and scrub resistant

Protect Your Parts

Saves expensive parts when dropped on the floor yet impact resistant

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